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Most Popular Hair Trends For Men & Women

Classic Bob with Fringe
Balayage is the highlighting process in which a colorist hand-paints color
Partial foils is just one of the hair services we perform
Full foils for hair highlights
Clipper cut is one of the services we perform for men
Elegant and minimal highlights for him and her
Pompadour hairstyle for men is stylish
Clean corporate hair style is perfect for those business meetings

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  • Women's Olaplex Hair Treatment
  • Women's Blow-out
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Our Services

Men Haircuts & Styling


Mens Salon Services.
*All prices subject to change due to time, length and density of hair.

Men's Haircut & Soothing Shampoo - $30+

Don’t worry guys, we aren’t only about the ladies, Boardroom Hairstylists is your scene too! Enjoy a beer, craft brew, a glass of wine or cocktail in our always-laid-back atmosphere while your stylist whips up the finest men’s haircut around. Makes for a pretty sweet place to maintain that handsome face of yours right? We specialize in razor, clipper, scissor and European style haircuts.

Get ready for that meeting at work or that all important sales call or presentation with a client. Look professional, ready to take on a new day or just that wonderful night out on the town, by getting the latest custom cut catered to reflect your personal style. Whether you want that professional cut, clean classy look or a little bit of an edge will make it happen. Men get ready for all those compliments, look and feel your best by finishing it off with a hot soothing shave with an all natural facial balm finish. Can you say SMOOTH?

Men's One Step Color -  $30+

We can use color that covers your gray naturally or we can also use one step color to get all the gray.

Men's One Step Color & Haircut - $60+

Same as above with a haircut!

Men's Multidimensional Color - $40+

Highlights / Lowlights
Highlights lighten hair using lighter-colored strands, while lowlights add dimension to hair using darker-colored strands. Using a combination of highlights and lowlights makes the hair color look more natural.

Men's Multidimensional Color with Haircut - $70+

same as above with a haircut!

Men's Camouflage Blended Color - $25+

Getting the grey out or blending that classic salt and pepper color is easy and fun with our professional men’s color services. This simple color service is of course, provided to you by our experienced stylists who always understand the importance of keeping a low profile while enhancing what Mother Nature hath already provided.

Men's Camouflage & Men's Haircut- $55+

Blend your grays with subtle hues.

Men's Keratin Smoothing Treatment - $75+

Leaves your hair silky and manageable with a natural look. We only use the finest products on the market.

Nioxin Scalp Treatment -  $25+

Removing build-up around hair follicles. This helps accelerate skin surface regeneration. It tingles like a curiously strong breath mint and simultaneously acts like a facial for the scalp. You are going to love it.

Beard Trims -  $20

Maintain your facial hair while also maintaining your manly status with this essential grooming service. Always remember: you wear the beard, not the other way around.

Men's Hot Shave -  $28

Hot towel, soothing lotion & warm shaving cream lather. You'll never want to leave your chair:

Men's Brow Waxing & Shaping - $12+

Expert shaping and waxing. We can shape them or wax the unruly hairs away.

Womens Color & Style


Womens Color and Salon Services.
*All prices subject to change due to time, length and density of hair.
*All hair consultation are complementary.

Women's Dry Cut - $40+

This a straight up cut ladies without shampoo or conditioner.

Women's Haircuts & Style - $65+

Where creative, classic or cutting edge cuts can all be achieved at the hands of skilled experts. Taking into account your face shape, lifestyle and hair texture is the main priority during your consultation so that you leave with a manageable, wearable style that suits you and is not just wearable for one day.
Making sure a haircut grows out well and is easy to style at home is something our stylists care about. Get tips on styling and product recommendations to get the best out of your hair after you leave the salon.

Women's Ultimate -  $75+

Includes Consultation, Soothing Shampoo, Deep conditioning, Haircut, Style, Blow-Dry and Finish.

Blow-Out - $40+

Nothing shows off your fresh hair color or cut better than a bouncy, smooth, shiny blowout. Our stylists can bring any styling vision to life, from a smooth, sleek look to a tousled, wavy hairstyle. Our stylists have mastered the speedy blowout for busy moms on the go or multitasking business professionals.
Our stylists are trained in taming all types of unmanageable hair. If you have fine, frizzy, unruly, or curly hair, our experienced stylists can create a flattering polished look for you. We will wash and dry your hair, as well as show you how to maintain that great look between your visits to Boardroom Hairstylists.

Ladies think outside the box

You do not want this ‘one size fits all’ mentality when choosing your hair color, give yourself customization and expert knowledge, and seek our Boardroom Hairstylists professional who will be able to accurately create a color for you and only YOU! Our Master colorists will evaluate your hair on 7 professional levels that can create the most beautiful hair color imaginable.
Our endless knowledge of technique and experience will give you the confidence to try something classic or new and exciting! Specializing in balayage, ombre, sombre, color melting, foiling, free-hand painting and texture enhancing services we will give you the perfect “color that pops”.

Women's One Step Color - $75+

One easy step and one beautiful color. This service can be used to cover gray hair or add richness and shine to your color. We specialize in One step color and our experts will show you what works best based on your skin-tone, eye color, and other variables that go into deciding what colors will work best on you! We use only the finest hair products on the market.

Women's One Step Color & Haircut - $135+

Same as above with a haircut!

Spotlights -  $60+

15 or less highlights for those minimalists out there who just need a little something extra on the side or simply have a fear of commitment. It’s like casual dating for your hair.

Women's Partial Foils - $85+

Hair colors are usually either warm or cool, so its very important to consult with one of our hair experts when deciding how to approach your Highlight's or Lowlights based on your current natural hair color, skin tone and eye color.
Want a little dimension in your hair but aren’t quite sure what to ask for when booking? This service is for you. Expertly woven highlights or lowlights that cover the crown area of your head and pieces framing your face (i.e. part of your head, i.e. partial.) Savvy?

Women's Partial Foil & Haircut - $145+

Same as above with a haircut!

Women's Full Foils - Price quoted at consultation

You can choose from small face framing or chunky highlights that give you a trendy look! Highlights brighten up your color and add dimension to a single process color. Lowlights can add depth to a color and break up a single process color. We offer Partial or Full highlight services. Partial- Highlights added to the top and sides of hair. Full- Highlights added throughout the entire head. Let our colorists work with you to suggest the best highlights for your hair.

Women's Full Foil & Haircut - Price quoted at consultation

Same as above with a haircut!

Toner Or Glaze - $45+

This experience begins with a thorough consultation to help you achieve the best hair color results. This is a color application that balances or neutralizes unwanted color or color tones in the hair, which occur through the natural lightening process. It can also softly lift the base for better blending and an overall lighter effect. Once processing is complete you will receive a luxurious shampoo with upscale products.

Balayage -  price quoted at consultation

This is some serious, top shelf, premium, ultra-smooth highlighting folks. All done by hand and worth every penny. These bad boys grow out more naturally and look absolutely stunning. Balayage is a French technique of highlighting hair developed in the 1970s. A successful execution of the technique gives the illusion of sun-kissed color on hair. This technique is successful on both long and short hairstyles.

Ombre - price quoted at consultation

Ombre hair is a hair color that is usually a darker shade from the roots through to the mid shaft and gradually fades to a lighter color from the mid shaft to the ends. The word "ombre" is of French origin and means "to shade"

Corrective Color - price quoted at consultation

Think of corrective color as a form of hair surgery. Any good surgeon would recommend a consultation before proceeding and our hair gurus here are no different. Corrective color, could be fixing a previous color gone wrong or changing your color from one extreme to the next. Going dark from light or light from dark is also considered a corrective color. To receive any form of corrective color you must first book a consultation appointment. These are complimentary but essential for ensuring that the right measures are taken to keep you hair at its healthiest.

Root Touch Up ( new growth )  - $75+

Get back to your roots with this in-between service. It’s not all over but it’s just enough to get you through.

All Over Color - price quoted at consultation

This is for the guy or gal that wants a solid-yet-awesome hair color. Rich in tone and pure at heart, this service will get you where you need to be.

Double Process - prices quoted at consultation

A double process basically means that we have to a) lighten your hair and then do another color on top, or b) you want an all over color and highlights. So, if you want the best of both worlds this is the color service for you.

Hair Extensions


Hotheads Extensions can give clients a full head of hair in one hour or less using JUST a clip and a comb! Hotheads Hair Extensions are designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. They also provide damage-free volume, length, highlights, and dynamic color! The extensions are manufactured with amazing quality human remy hair with the cuticle intact. This allows the hair to be reapplied up to 3 times, while still looking and feeling amazing. Clients will also get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application without damaging their natural hair.  LEARN MORE

Womens Smoothing & Conditioning Treatments


Keratin complex, smoothing therapy. Real client transformation revitalizes the hair, giving it a softer, silkier feel.
*All prices subject to change due to time, length and density of hair.

Keratin Complex, Smoothing Therapy -  $100+

This highly intense service packs a powerful punch to the dreaded frizz. That’s right frizz, we are coming for YOU! The Keratin Complex services infuse natural keratin deep into the hair’s cuticles to eliminate frizz and increase smoothness so you can spend those morning hours of frizz battle doing something less awful.
Each Keratin treatment will:
  • Give you smoother, silkier, shinier hair
  • Make your hair easier and faster to blow-dry
  • Give you close to “maintenance-free” hair
  • Promote healing
  • Block the effects of humidity
  • Prevent environmental toxins from entering the hair

Full Keratin Smoothing Treatment -  $350+

This is the full-on treatment that takes a bit more time (up to 3 hours) but also lasts a good deal longer as well. Please be aware that there is a 72-hr, no-wash waiting period post treatment so schedule accordingly.
This revolutionary smoothing system will:
  • Infuse Keratin deep into the hair cuticle
  • Eliminate up to 95% of frizz and curl
  • Leave the hair smooth, shiny and luxurious
  • Typically lasts 3 to 5 months depending on hair type

Keratin Complex Express Blow Out - $100+

The Keratin Complex Express Blow Out is a lighter take on the original Keratin Complex Treatment leaving hair frizz-free for up to 6 weeks.

PRAVANA Hair Treatments  -  $100+

PRAVANA Perfection is an excellent alternative to traditional keratin treatments. The gentle, formaldehyde free formula transforms your hair from frizzy to a luxurious, smooth-as-silk feel that will last for weeks. You can set your flat iron aside after this innovative hair smoothing service that is gentle enough for all types, even color-treated and chemically processed hair.Texture control options are essential in the back rooms of all salons. PRAVANA is a leader in this category and our go-to brand for all our client’s needs, offering temporary to permanent straightening and smoothing or permanent, bountiful waves.

Conditioning Treatments -  $35+

If your hair suffers from split ends, sun damage, tangles, and broken brittle pieces, it's time to take charge of your hair's health. Exposure to the sun, hair dryers, flat irons, and even daily brushing can take it's toll and leave you wishing for a time machine. It's important to condition your hair properly.
We offer a truly relaxing, deep conditioning hair treatment designed to condition the scalp and address strength and moisture deficiencies in the hair. This service can be added to an existing salon visit. Ask our Hair experts to help you with our professional conditioning products.

Olaplex - $45+

A miracle treatment that allows your stylist to push the boundaries of your hair color dreams without compromising the integrity of your hair.
Olaplex is a new technology that allows your hair to accept chemical changes while eliminating damage. Olaplex’s formula will protect and strengthen your hair while creating a vibrant long lasting color!
Olaplex is also a bond multiplier, which you can add to a highlight or color service.
Olaplex is free of silicone or oils, and links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before. This helps eliminate breakage during and after a hair color service.

Waxing Services


For people who struggle hiding unwanted facial hair, facial waxing is the solution to the problem. The wax we use is formulated with top quality ingredients that are properly combined to minimize discomfort. We are certain that you will be so pleased with the outcome, and the experience will be a lot more relaxing than you imagine. Once you see the results you will not be able to imagine a better way to get rid of your unwanted facial hair. Facial waxing provides weeks -even months- of smooth skin without worry about whether or not that special someone notices hair in places you wish it wasn’t.

Brow Waxing - $15

Per Area - $15

Full Face Waxing - $50+

Men's Brow Waxing & Shaping - $12+

Expert shaping and waxing. We can shape them or wax the unruly hairs away.

Boardroom Hairstylists Specials

*All prices subject to change due to time, length and density of hair.

Every Friday Blow-Out Specials - $25+

5 for 1 get 5 Haircuts get your sixth Haircut FREE  

Ask for our first time 20% off discount for new customers.

++ All BHS discount cards are not redeemable with other specials and must be presented at point of service.

Welcome To Boardroom Hairstylists

At Boardroom Hairstylists of Atlanta we aspire to help you be the best version of YOU! Our haircut and hair color specialists know that every client’s needs are unique and our goal is to create a hairstyle for your lifestyle. We want to get to know you – your needs, profession and personality – so that we can design a hairstyle that flatters your life, as well as your physical features.
You'll not only walk out of Boardroom Hairstylists looking fabulous – you’ll also feel fabulous! Schedule an appointment today – online or by calling 770-937-0090 and discover for yourself why our clients call Boardroom Hairstylists the best salon in Atlanta.

$10 Off Guest Referral Program

  • I recently moved to the Area and recieved a welcome letter from Board Room Hairstylists with a complimentary hair cut and style. Not only did LOVE my hair that Donnadid when I left, Donna made sure to listen to my concerns and made sure I was at ease through out my visit. Donna was very helpful with finding a cut that would compliment my face shape as well as offered a few suggestions that I might consider in the future, We also discussed a possible color change and my options. I have never been this excited about my hair or my stylist. Donna personality is refreshing and exciteing all at the same time. She truly cares about her clients and it shows in her work, I can not wait to see her again and get my new COLOR
  • Love this place! I've been going to the Boardroom for about 20 years now (no lie!) and have never been disappointed with either colors or cuts. I always go to the owner, Donna, for my haircuts and she has never let me down - she always gives me the greatest cuts, and she has a wonderful sense of everyone's individual style. All the stylists have a nice comforting way of explaining a new cut before a client tries it, and I've never seen anyone leave unhappy. Her hairstylists are true professionals, and wonderful people. It's truly a joy to come in, be pampered with a glass of wine or beer, have some great conversation in a beautifully stylish salon, My wife says they got just the right amount of gray out and, I look handsome.
    BILL K
  • Boardroom Hairstylists are the cream of the Crop when it comes to the Best stylists in Atlanta. I get my hair both cut and colored there and I am NEVER unhappy with the out come. Donna, Liz, and Katie are always very attentive as well as fun and very in tune to the clients needs and concerns. I recently Had Liz give me a Keratin treatment.. Mind you I was a little worried about doing a keratin treatment after all the scares about formaldehyde being in the treatments. To my very happy amazement Liz explained to me that the Keratin Treatment Offered at Boardroom Hairstylists is in no way has any formaldehyde in it and is perfectly safe. I was instantly at ease. Like I said The Girls at the Boardroom are always attentive to the clients needs and concerns and are very honest ladies who are not only about money as I find with most stylists. They truly want whats best for their client. Anyhow, After Liz finished my Keratin My hair was like when I was 15. I send everyone here. My Hair feels like it did when I was a teenager!
  • I have been a very satisfied client for over 15yrs. I travel about 2 weeks a month so my schedule is very busy. The Boardroom has always accommodated me with my hectic hours of availability. Katie, Liz, and Donna are all wonderful . Thanks Ladies!
    SUE L
Meet Our Professional Hairstyling Team

The Stylists That Make It Happen

Owner/Master Color/Hairstylist
“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
– Marilyn Monroe
Master Color/Hairstylist
“Live in such a way, that if someone spoke badly about you, no one will believe it”
– Author Unknown
Master Color/Hairstylist
“I think the most important thing a woman can have next to talent of course, is her hairdresser.”
– Joan Crawford
Master Color/Hairstylist
“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful”
– Author Unknown
Master Color/Hairstylist
“Hair is the crown you never take off, so make it beautiful!”
– Author Unknown
Master Cosmetologist / Men\'s
“The humblest tasks get beautified if loving hands do them”.
- Louisa May Alocott
Award Winning Makeup Artist Expert Bridal Consultant
“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”
– Author Unknown

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