Another Look at Color Correction

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Our latest news


The color correction experts at Boardroom Hairstylists of Atlanta are always available for a hair color consultation.  If you have experienced a hair color calamity, we will make every effort to restore your hair’s natural color as well as its shine, spring and bounce. We use the latest technologies in hair color correction, to ensure your hair will be healthier after the process, than it was before you visited our salon. Here’s how we do it!

A color correction is meant to fix a color service or an at-home box color application that has delivered undesirable results. In the salon environment, stylists see a color correction is necessary when a client wants to take previously colored hair at least 2 levels lighter or take previously colored or virgin hair at least 2 levels darker.

Often the long term health of the hair is of concern; too much processing can result in brittle, broken and dry looking hair.​

It’s easy to realize that a color correction is needed for brassy highlights, or at-home color that came out differently than desired; imagine getting dull, jet black hair instead of the warm medium brown pictured on the box. While a new color service may seem like an easy fix, it isn’t always so simple to attain.

Some color corrections are simple, for example using a toner to reduce gold tones or adding highlights to overly dark, flat hair color. However others may require a triple-process to lift dark color out. The latter is where time and cost can dramatically increase.

In this instance, your color correction specialist will need to perform test samples on your hair to see how it reacts to the color correction. Several samples tests may be required to find the result you are seeking.

What happens during a color correction?

Taking Color Processed Hair Lighter

When hair gets lightened, color is actually being taken out. Unfortunately, other things come out along with the color, such as protein, which can leave the hair damaged. If it needs to be lightened again and again, more structural elements are being removed. This is why a hair reinforcement additive is so valuable in a color correction; it can actually leave your hair healthier than before the correction service.

Because box hair color is progressive, it tends to darken over time, especially the ends, where years of color application have built up. Even using the same color over the course of years, one finds the hair just keeps getting darker and darker.

In order to correct and lighten a client’s hair, a stylist may choose to apply one of many techniques, which may include color remover, partial bleach highlights, or all-over bleach, prior to formulating a professional hair color to achieve her preferred shade. Depending upon how many levels of shade change are required, it may take up to a week or even as long as three months to see the desired result.

Darkening Over Processed Hair

If a color has turned out too light or the guest wants a shade much darker than their current shade, the hair will need to be “filled.” “Filling” means depositing pigment back into the hair, because when hair has been chemically lightened, it loses the warm tones naturally present in darker colors. Without the colorfill process, bleached hair dyed brown will have a distinctly green cast to the hair color.

An experienced color specialist will properly restore those underlying warm tones, such as gold, copper and red. After the colorfill process, the new, darker color can be applied. Expect that it will take at least one more color application to achieve the desired hair color, several may be necessary.

Boardroom Hairstylists Color Specialists Perfect Color Corrections That Leave Your Hair Healthier Than Before the Correction Process

Many guests come to us to repair what they did at home, or what another stylist did based on the client’s desire at the time. In these situations, we typically find multiple bands of different colors and tones. We begin the process by examining the health of the hair, to understand how it has reacted to processing over time.  Often the differing lengths will require different treatment approaches and durations of processing.

This is where breakthroughs in hair repair technologies play an important role in maintaining the health of your hair. Prior to these innovations, a stylist might recommend cutting off up to three inches of damaged hair.  It is no longer necessary to lop off large sections of your hair, thanks to new innovative hair treatments that we carry chemically resilient material, made from pea peptides, that ionically binds to the hair’s cuticle and offers long-term protection from harsh hair color, free radicals, peroxides, and environmental stressors.  These treatments are added directly into the processing chemicals while your hair is processing.

Damaged hair has a raised cuticle, while healthy hair has a smooth, closed cuticle. Our hair treatments penetrates between uplifted scales in the cuticle to create a stapling type effect with a smoother, healthier appearance. Our hair treatments is a blend that creates a highly effective hybrid biopolymer to aid in reducing and fixing damage done to the cuticle while simultaneously strengthening the hair fiber.

Our hair treatments allows us to increase processing times without compromising the health of your hair, allowing you to achieve your desired results in fewer visits.  While some corrections might have taken 1-3 months to achieve your desired color, we can now achieve them in 1-2 visits.

Feel free to stop by for a free consultation.  You will leave your consultation with a full understanding of the methods that will be used to realize your new color as well as the costs involved. Hair Color Correction Specialists Atlanta