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There’s a time and place for an impulse decision, but not on your own hair.

We know that choosing and making a hair color change can be a tricky and nerve racking process, so sampling with a temporary, option may be the route for you.

While our experts at Boardroom Hairstylists are available for you every step of the decision making way, we work personally with you to choose a hair color that’s just right for you. There are a few easy ways to take a new hair color out for a try.


A commitment free way is a Demi Permanent color We use GOLDWELL Colorance, The fist DEMI-PERMANENT HAIR COLOR WITH INTRALIPID THAT NOT ONLY PROTECTS THE HAIR BUT EVEN REPAIRS THE HAIR STRUCTURE. This is a gentler color formulation that doesn’t contain any ammonia, so it just deposits color pigment on top of the hair cuticle.

Depending on how often you wash your hair,it can last around 15 shampoos, A great option for you to see how you like the color and whether you want to make any changes before you go the permanent route.


If even the thought of a multiple wash out color fills you with anxiety, here’s an even more effortless recourse for you. We use Goldwell  Kerasilk – Color Intensive Luster Mask, designed to enhance your hair color between our applications, they’re also amazing indicators of how a bold hues of vibrant red or deep brunette may look on you.

We apply a shade onto your natural color. Then we gently add tone and pigment onto the surface of your hair, so you can get an idea of how the color looks on you. The lighter your hair, the better you’ll see the tone added but the best part of it, is that they are temporary products, so the color will gently disappear after a few shampoos.

You can just continue to use the mask or treatment every time you wash to keep up the vibrant shade.

Boardroom Hairstylists colorists, also has a cool trick we regularly recommends to our clients. If you are not sure about your best shade, a great way to test your new hue is to try it on a wig.

Bring an image of the color you are interested in and then just sample the merchandise. You’ll be able to go from light blonde to darkest brown in an instant, and without any effort.

Snap some photos of yourself in your favorites shades for an at home reference, and share these with our colorist so we can nail down your new look.