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How often should I get my hair colored? I go over this all the time with our hair color clients at Boardroom Hairstylists

Single Process Color 4 – 8 weeks

This is when hair color is applied directly to the roots and every hair on your head is colored. This may sound extreme and it is true, the more different the Single Process Color is from your natural color, the more frequent you will have to be at the salon, we have clients come in as soon as 10 days for root touch ups. But there are a lot of colors that are more subtle and some of the demi-permanent or semi-permanent grow in and or fade out easy with almost no regrowth, and we have some clients who come in just a few times a year.

biggest variable here is how different the single process color is from your natural color. A client who is 100% gray and colors here hair black will see gray roots within days and brunette who bleaches here hair blonde will see dark roots within days as well.

Highlights 2 – 4 months

This is when select hair strands are colored leaving the other hair not colored. Highlights don’t always have to mean blonde, but blonde highlights are the most common. There are various techniques to highlighting hair, most common is the foiling technique where sections of hair are woven out and hair color is applied to those hairs and separated from the rest of the hair by a piece of foil.

techniques can be lower maintenance because these highlights are hand painted on with a lighter stroke close to the scalp but the application gets heavier down the strand making the highlight grow in easier.

The easiest grow in is an Ombré technique. The entire purpose of the Ombré is to have dark roots and light ends so essentially there are no roots to grow in.

At our salon we do a lot of double hair color services, combining a Single Process Color and Highlights, sometimes it is to lighten dark roots and make the highlights blend better and sometimes it is to cover gray while still having variation. We usually do these clients’ Single Process at 6 weeks and then the double service with Single Process and Highlights at 3 months.


Stretching out your color service.

There are different types of at home products to use in between color services, mostly to cover gray hair. There are powders, sprays, crayons, wands etc. We recently started carrying Goldwell DUALSENSES Color Extra Rich to help our clients stretch out their services, it has been amazing, it comes in a compact and you apply it in between shampoos.


Sometimes a client is really on a budget and by budget we aren’t always talking about money, clients can budget their time too, time is valuable and it can be hard to make it into the salon every 3 weeks (buy FYI most of our clients love coming in!) At Boardroom Hairstylists we strive to come up with solutions. If a client wants to do her own touch-up in between seeing us we will often times research at-home options for something that will help get the client by.

line is…. You don’t have to be a slave to your hair color!