How to Choose Hair Cuts According to the Type of Face

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Our latest news

Face shape can greatly affect a woman’s hair style choices. Here’s a quick look at a few of the most effective ways to complement different faces.

When choosing a style for women’s’ haircuts, professional salons typically consider the shape of each woman’s face to make key decisions about symmetry and volume. As top stylists we take special care to consider all factors when designing a new style in order to give our clients the best possible experience. Face shape certainly affects design choice, and before visiting our salon, you should consider how different looks can work.

Asymmetrical women’s’ haircuts work well for rounder faces. These cuts add texture, drawing the eye all around a person’s face and providing a slimming look for the chin and cheeks. “Messy” haircuts can also provide a pleasing sense of texture, and the pixie cut is a classic, cute choice that’s back in style for women with round faces in recent years. Both long and short cuts can work well, and we occasionally use a layered look in our women hair to add attractive angles.

Some women have more of an oval shape to their faces, and in these cases, our stylists need to avoid any hair cuts that could add prominence to the forehead or draw too much attention to the “thinness” of the face. The best way to do this is to work with bangs. By parting the bangs directly down the center or by letting them hang in a straight line, we complement the face’s shape for a pleasing effect. For shorter styles, we can use tapered bobs to give thinner faces an easy-to-control cut.

We can also find effective styles for square cuts by accenting and framing the face with waves, prominent ends or even a completely straight style. Professional hair color can also help add a sense of volume if you have thinner hair. At, we show how we work with our clients to deliver consistent results with an intelligent and style-driven approach.

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