Boardroom Hairstylists are the cream of the Crop when it comes to the Best stylists in Atlanta. I get my hair both cut and colored there and I am NEVER unhappy with the out come. Donna, Liz, and Katie are always very attentive as well as fun and very in tune to the clients needs and concerns. I recently Had Liz give me a Keratin treatment.. Mind you I was a little worried about doing a keratin treatment after all the scares about formaldehyde being in the treatments. To my very happy amazement Liz explained to me that the Keratin Treatment Offered at Boardroom Hairstylists is in no way has any formaldehyde in it and is perfectly safe. I was instantly at ease. Like I said The Girls at the Boardroom are always attentive to the clients needs and concerns and are very honest ladies who are not only about money as I find with most stylists. They truly want whats best for their client. Anyhow, After Liz finished my Keratin My hair was like when I was 15. I send everyone here. My Hair feels like it did when I was a teenager!