Try These 5 Hair Color Trends

by | May 2, 2019 | Our latest news

If summer’s approach has you taking all sorts of fashion risks this year, why stop with your clothes? Freshen up from head to toe with a gorgeous new color treatment These hair coloring trends reflect the latest hair styles and will leave you stunning. Talk to your hair dresser about these styles the next time you stop in for a cut.

Blondes have more fun, right? This combination of brown and blonde glams up the more traditional dirty blonde color. It’s more of a golden hue, giving off a sunny freshness while still retaining warmth. Be sure to ask your stylist about the best shade of gold for your skin tone.

Icy Blonde:
So blonde it’s almost white, this look has been rocked by celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Cara Delevingne. If you want to join the ranks of your fellow ice queens, talk to your stylist about how to achieve this style on your hair color. It may require prior bleaching.

Golden Balayage:
The balayage technique takes ombre to the next level. Your stylist will paint different hues into your hair to achieve a more natural look. This season is all about the warm, golden undertones, so try playing with that.

Pinkish Peach:
If scrolling through your favorite blogger’s Instagram feed has made you consider dying your hair pink, this trend is for you. Opt for peachy tones to avoid a bubblegum look. Including blonde and gold tones is another great way to achieve this style without overwhelming the rest of your aesthetic.

Smoky Brown:
Meet the rebel of the group. This hair treatment is a twist on a typical brunette look, adding dark silver and black undertones to a brown coloring. Your hair will reflect smoky grey when reflecting the light, creating a sophisticated yet understated look.

Remember: Maintenance is key when it comes to the latest hair styles and treatments. Semi-permanent hair color lasts about four weeks or 28 washes on average, so make sure to make an appointment with your stylist for touchups. They will also have more specific tips on how to retain dye on your specific hair color and texture, so be sure to ask.